In 2025 the Masters of Wisdom, also called the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, will come together in conclave as they always do in the 25th year of every century. The last time they gathered in 1925. 

This is the most important happening of our time, of which not many people are aware. The impact of the decisions they will make are of great importance for Humanity. Will they decide to externalise in the physical world in the years/decades after 2025 or will they wait because Humanity is not ready for it?

The Masters of the Hierarchy are the guardians over Humanity and translate the forces from Shamballa to Humanity. They are headed by the Christ , the Grandmaster of Love/Wisdom, while Shamballa, on a higher turn of the spiral, is headed by the Planetary Logos: Sanat Kumara. It is said that the Christ will also reappear together with the externalisation of the Masters.

One of the Masters is Djwhal Khul, aka DK or the Tibetan. He gave Humanity the Ageless Wisdom Teachings via Alice Bailey, who wrote 24 books, mentally dictated by him. A quote from ‘The Externalisation of the Hierarchy’, written around 1935:

“Thus a great and new movement is proceeding and a tremendously increased interplay and interaction is taking place. This will go on until A.D. 2025. During the years intervening between now and then very great changes will be seen taking place, and at the great General Assembly of the Hierarchy – held as usual every century – in 2025 the date in all probability will be set for the first stage of the externalisation of the Hierarchy.”

And from another book ‘The Reappearance of the Christ’:

“The Hierarchy will eventually, under its Head, the Christ, function openly and visibly on earth. This will happen when the purpose of the divine will and the plan which will implement it is better understood and the period of adjustment, of world enlightenment and of reconstruction has made real headway.”

In this reading Eric Huysmans will explain more about this momentous event, and what is asked from us during the coming four years to make a contribution, which hopefully will lead to this externalisation and to the reappearance of the World Teacher.